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screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-8-44-27-pmI have been waiting to post this since before I even left for Orlando.

I am an annual pass holder, and as one last big trip before I leave for Clemson, my boyfriend and I went to Disney for the weekend! We spent all of Saturday in Magic Kingdom [my favorite park], and Sunday at Typhoon Lagoon! I’ll break down the weekend by day!


I made Tim wake up at the crack of dawn [sometime before 5:30, as I wanted to leave by 6]. This led to a brief Dunkin stop for some breakfast and coffee. The two hour drive to the park was surprisingly traffic-free, but the sky posed some issues, along with our weather apps. The entire way to Orlando the weather looked ominous, even raining pretty heavily in some areas. When we arrived to the park, the Disney magic blessed us with beautiful weather all weekend!

We hopped on the ferry and got there right as the park was opening, and went straight towards Adventureland, where we had 2 of our 3 fast passes! To start out an exciting day, we went up the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, followed by seeing Aladdin and Jasmine riding on the flying carpets [Aladdin even waved at me from above]!!!!!


We got my favorite Dole Whip right when the stand opened at 10, and walked around before getting on the Jungle Cruise. The witty banter and cheesy jokes is what makes this ride enjoyable. After getting off the Jungle Cruise, we had about 15 minutes until our first fast pass at Splash Mountain, so we made our way over there! Bypassing the 90 minute wait was definitely great in the hot Florida sun.

After getting off Splash Mountain, we had some time before our next fast pass, so we went and got some lunch at Casey’s Corner [my favorite hotdog place and quick service restaurant in Disney].


We made our way to Thunder Mountain for our fast pass, and enjoyed almost no wait! We caught the beginning of the Festival of Fantasy Parade, and Mickey waved right at me!!! We made our way around the park and rode almost every ride, from the Haunted Mansion, to The Little Mermaid, the Train, People Mover, Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo and more!

I normally don’t get the opportunity to meet many characters [the lines with all the little kids are SOOOOO long] but I was lucky enough to catch Mary Poppins with a 3 person line ahead of us, so of course, I had to meet the lovely lady.


I also got to take my National Dance Day photo in front of the castle, even if I wasn’t able to post it because it was on the camera, and not my phone.


Tim and I have been to Disney a countless number of times, but even this time we discovered something new! Just past the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, there is a little hut on the left [if you’re walking away from Adventureland]. You can pick up a treasure map, and follow the prompts given by the interactive stations, and it leads you to a new spot. We didn’t actually finish all of the maps, since we were just burning time before the fireworks, but it was something fun to do, especially at night while its not as crowded!

I’m trying to keep this as short as possible, so I can leave some room for Typhoon Lagoon, but I have put together a video of our trip here!


Sunday we woke up a bit later, and took our time eating breakfast at Bob Evans [both of us had never eaten there- but it was really good!] We made our way to the park, and got there around 10:30. We made our way to the locker and left everything but the GoPro. We went to the wave pool first [bad idea on a full stomach-its a lot harder to swim with a full belly lol].

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.18.25 PM

We went to the lazy river, and floated around until we got towards the back of the park, where the water slides were! We rode Gangplank Falls first, which is a family-sized raft ride. It was really fun, but shorter than I had imagined.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.10.55 PM

We went on the “body slides” including Humunga Kowabunga, which is a 50 foot tall slide. It is the biggest slide in the park, and despite my fear of waterslides like that, I went on it! It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be, although I did have to readjust my bottoms before standing up. [Our original plan was to go to Blizzard Beach, but Typhoon Lagoon seemed a little more “I’m scared of waterpark slides” friendly].

We got to snorkel in the shark reef, which was pretty neat, but you have to stay on the surface and can only swim with your arms. Being an avid snorkeler, free-diver, and newly certified scuba diver, this was a little too controlled for my liking, however I can see the appeal to people who haven’t grown up snorkeling and in the ocean. It was still a fun experience, and a nice way to freeze cool off in the 68 degree water.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.22.45 PM

We ate a yummy Caribbean-style lunch, complete with pineapples, fried plantains, beans and rice, and chicken! We jumped back on the lazy river to round the park twice to digest some before getting off again to head to the Crush N’ Gusher. This slide is a “roller-coaster” style waterslide, that travels both up and down in a two-person tube, rather than the traditional waterslide that only goes down. This was by far our favorite, and we went on it twice [once riding the “pineapple” slide, the other time riding the “banana” slide.

We finished off the day by ordering one of the classic “Sand Pail Sunday” which was, to our shock, a completely filled sand bucket full of soft serve swirl ice cream, crushed Oreo’s, waffle cone, topped off with a mountain of whipped cream, Mickey shaped sprinkles, and [of course] a cherry. There’s even a little yellow shovel that comes with the bucket [which you get to keep]. We put quite a dent in it, but it was definitely intended for a family of five [or maybe even 500].

I have another video from Typhoon Lagoon here!

We left the park around 4, right as a storm rolled in [perfect timing if you ask me]. Full from the ice cream, we stopped at “Dick’s Last Resort” for appetizers as our dinner. If you’ve never heard of this restaurant, it is definitely an experience. It was my second time visiting one of the locations, and Tim’s first. ***Warning: do NOT go unless you’re in a good mood to joke around and deal with sarcasm*** The restaurant boasts an atmosphere that resembles a “frat house,” complete with napkins strewn about, mis-matched furniture, crazy pictures on the walls, neon-signs, and more. The waiters and waitresses are sarcastic the entire time, and break all traditional rules of serving [for example, calling us cheap when we only order appetizers, or throwing menus at you when you sit down]. Everyone is given these funny, tall, paper hats, and each hat has something written on it. It is all meant to be funny, but some of them can be pretty raunchy. Luckily, it is a family-friendly atmosphere [no profanity, nudity, etc], but some of the things they write have meanings that little kids probably shouldn’t know until they’re older-kind of like a double-entendre. At one table, there was a teenage girl who’d taken off her paper hat, and the waiter was yelling through the restaurant that “you’re not getting any food until you put your hat on!!!!! and WHYYYYYY are you on your phone you’re at the dinner table!!!!” It’s definitely a fun place to go, especially for parties without children at the table [as this can lead to more elusive hat comments].

After the long weekend, I can happily say that this was one of my favorite Disney trips ever, and was definitely a great one before I leave for Clemson in a few weeks!

Until next time!



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