Snail Mail

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.52.30 PMIt doesn’t take much to make me happy. I try to be a fun-loving and light hearted individual as much as I can. I appreciate the little things in life and love to cherish the fleeting moments throughout the day. One of these little things that makes me so happy, is something that I don’t feel we do enough anymore. It’s nothing elaborate by any means, but its something that will brighten my day, no matter how I may be feeling at the time.

I’m talking about mail. Not email, not text messages, not Facebook Messenger; I’m talking real, physical, paper mail. You know, the slow kind. “Snail mail,” the stuff they used to deliver on the Pony Express. There’s something so sentimental about receiving a letter, card, or package in the mail that is so far surmountable in value to any electronic form of communication I can think of. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking on the phone and the convenience of email or text messaging is definitely more logical if you need to attach documents or only need a quick response; but even talking on the phone for hours doesn’t quite feel as special as receiving something in the mail.

Christmas cards and birthday cards are still a thing, but I’ve noticed over the years the amount that are received at home is starting to dwindle. Even birthday cards have been replaced with Facebook posts. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather receive 4 birthday cards than have 1,000 people write a dry, “happy birthday” on my profile. People used to write letters to tell about their adventures, talk about family, profess their love to one another, write to loved ones overseas on the battlefront, talk about life, send birthday or holiday cards to the point where your fridge or counter would be overfilled, and so much more.

Maybe its because I’m an old soul, maybe it’s because I saw my mom write letters to my Grandma back and forth almost every day; either way I wish people wrote more letters. I might be the only one that feels like this but I can’t explain how ecstatic I am anytime I get a letter, card, or package [especially if its unexpected!!!] Even if you don’t want to mail the letter, or maybe live close in the same town, sticking a note on someone’s door, car, desk, etc. is something that I really feel is special.

It doesn’t even have to be about something important. The fact that someone took time out of their day to actually hand-write a little something to you, put a stamp on it, and put it in the mailbox just makes me feel like I’m someone special to that person. I love responding to letters too, I think it’s therapeutic [as is writing this blog every chance that I get].

Aside from the sentiment of writing letters, can we talk about how cute stationary is? I’m sorry, but no amount of emojis can make a text as cute as some of the stationary that you can find in stores. My mom has a bunch of adorable stationary, and I want to build my collection; for the moment, though, I only have a few options because of lack of storage space.

I hope that sometime soon, we can become excited about new pens [my favorites are all the different colored Papermate Flair pens], stationary, and getting a letter in the mail. I know I do! Maybe I’ll find a PenPal to write to-old school style.

Get out there and write someone a letter; leave it on their door, send it in the mail, stick it in their lunchbox…I’m sure it’ll make their day!



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