Tips and Tricks: Moving!

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This time of year tends to be extremely busy for everyone. Freshman are moving into dorms, people are moving into new apartments, houses, or even moving out of state! I just moved into my new apartment and I still feel like I’m not fully unpacked yet. With all of the commotion and craziness that comes with moving, I thought I’d share a few tips for your move to hopefully make it a little simpler. I’ve included two pictures of my new apartment as a little sneak peek! 

1. Go through your things BEFORE packing.

While this one seems obvious, I can honestly say that I did not take my own advice on this one. I knew I had a lot of stuff that I wanted to sell/give to Goodwill, but still ended up packing everything. I now have a huge box full of things that I plan on giving to Goodwill, but still had to move them in the first place. Had I initially gone through all of my things [clothes especially-which I still have not done] before moving, it would’ve saved my parents and I from having to haul them up and down the stairs.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 8.17.58 PM
My new kitchen table, we will be getting two more chairs soon!

2. Pack smarter! 

One thing that I have noticed watching and helping people move [and personal experience] is the hassle of packing things like clothes on hangers, towels, etc. I learned a lot from Pinterest about easier ways to pack things, one of these being hanging clothes. Most people grab all of their clothes in the closet and either lay them in the car or choose to take them off the hangers and fold them in boxes. I don’t know about you, but anytime I’ve ever tried laying clothes in the car, they turn into a huge tangled mess from sliding around. On the other hand, I can’t stand folding things, so there’s no way that I would spend all my time folding clothes that are just going to go right back on the hanger. The helpful trick that I learned from Pinterest is to place a garbage bag around your hanging clothes [while still hanging], tie the top around the hooks, and lift out of your closet! They all come out in one piece, the hangers stay in place, and anything that falls off the hanger ends up in the bag! I also like to pack utilizing the containers that things will be stored in. For example, I utilize a decorative basket for beach towels, so I utilized the basket to carry all of my beach towels in!

3. Talk with your roommates!

Whether you are a freshman moving into a traditional-style dorm, sophomore moving into your sorority house [or hall], junior moving into a furnished off campus apartment, senior moving into your first real apartment, or anything in between and beyond; it is imperative that you talk to your roommates to make sure you have everything that you will need for common areas and that you don’t bring too much! Since college students tend to move a few times during our four years, it is easy to accumulate a lot of stuff. Talking with your roommates will ensure that you don’t have three coffee pots and no couch. If you are living with random roommates, reach out via. email or FaceBook. If you are living with friends, start a group text and keep communication open. Make sure to update them when you get something new or your hookup for the dining room table falls through, it will save a lot of money and headache when you’re finally in your new home!

4. Ask for help!

Most people’s parents will come and help them move, but if your parents live too far away, will be out of town, etc. make sure to ask some friends for help! Moving is already not the most enjoyable thing to do, not to mention that boxes and furniture are heavy!

5. Clean your new place BEFORE moving everything in.

This one is important not only to make sure that you’re moving all of your belongings into a clean apartment,  but is a good way to make sure that you note any damages that may be present so that you are not charged for the damages. Most apartment complexes and universities provide a questionnaire for you to fill out upon move-in. I was lucky with how clean my apartment was this year-last year we had to do a deep cleaning before moving anything in.

Bonus: Don’t be afraid to decorate!

Decorating is the most exciting part of moving into a new apartment. Don’t be afraid to try a new style, even if your style doesn’t match with your roommates, college apartments don’t have to be perfect! Mis-matched furniture and decorations a little whimsical touch to your home!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 8.18.20 PM
Lilly laying on my new bed

Of course, there is so much more that I could tell you, simply from mistakes that I have made on my own from moving, but I wanted to keep it short so I could announce my two new social media accounts for Tea N’ Sea!  Instagram & Twitter!  Head over and give me a follow, I can’t wait to utilize these accounts to share more about my blog! Don’t forget to fill out my survey here!

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