Grenada’s Top 10 Beaches

Grenada is an incredible tropical island in the Caribbean, but is still pretty untouched compared to some of the other Caribbean destinations. From gorgeous beaches to lush rainforests filled with amazing waterfalls (check out my waterfall guide here!), it's an island you don't want to pass up! It is home to one of the top ten beaches in the world - and for good reason, but that top-ranked beach isn’t the only beach you should plan on seeing on a trip to Grenada. There are tons of gorgeous beaches all along the Island’s 75 miles (121 km) of shoreline, but I’m going to talk to you about the best beaches in Grenada that you don’t want to miss! 

Grand Anse Beach

One step onto the white sandy beach and it’s easy to see why Grand Anse has the reputation of being one of the best beaches in Grenada, and the world! Caribbean blue waters lap on the beach, with coconut palms dotted on its shoreline, it definitely looks like something out of an advertisement. Grand Anse is actually the longest beach on the island, but is still easy enough to walk the entire length. There are lots of restaurants, bars, and resorts along the beach, which makes it one of the more crowded beaches. When a cruise ship is in town - expect to see tons of beach chairs and umbrellas set up with most of the ship lounging with their umbrella drinks. It’s definitely the most popular, most accessible, and one of the prettiest beaches for sure. Don’t believe me? Check out some pics - they’re sure to blow your socks off! 

Best beaches in Grenada

The type of beach you envision when you think of a Caribbean beach! 

Grand Anse is one of the Best beaches in Grenada

The little pathway down to the beach from the street my apartment was on! Unfortunately, a resort has taken its spot now. 

Taylor peeking through a palm frond

The pic I use for all my profile images is from Grand Anse! 

Mourne Rouge Beach (BBC Beach)

BBC beach

Local pothounds on BBC beach, but look at that water! 

BBC beach is definitely one of my favorites in Grenada. Formally known as Mourne Rouge Beach, it’s common name is BBC beach. This is the beach I had the privilege of having an apartment on, so yes - my opinion is a little biased. But here’s why not to pass this beach up: it’s just around the bend from Grand Anse, which has been rated one of the top 10 beaches in the WORLD (more on that later), but is far less busy. The water is calm since it is protected in a little cove, and you may just have the best fish tacos you’ve ever had in your life at La Plywood. It’s got the beautiful Caribbean sand that we all desire, but even better, there’s lots of sea glass to find! There’s a few bars to have a cocktail on the beach at (don’t forget to say no to a straw!), local fisherman that you can buy fresh caught fish from, shady palm trees to hangout under, and a stunning sunset to watch. If you aren’t staying at one of the resorts on BBC, you can easily get there with a local taxi, or even walking (although, beware the steep climb to get there!). Another way to see BBC is by boat. Many of the day trips offered by various boats in town take BBC as a nice picnic spot. Need a recommendation? Check out Fast Fun Sailing for a more customized experience, or Get Up N Go Tours Grenada for a group trip on a Rum Runner!

Sauters Beach

Located at the far north side of the island, Sauters is a little town away from the metropolis of the resorts and capital. From St. George’s, it is probably a 2 hour drive (if you’re driving straight there). We took the day to drive up the island and stop along the way, and it was a great place to stop for sunset! To be completely honest, I don’t know if the beach has a specific name or not, but there is a tire swing and some gorgeous views of the little islands around! There’s a little bar there called Da Real Bamboo Bar across the street - for all your beach cocktails or beers! The tire swing is lots of fun - it really brings out the kid in you, and let’s be honest, the Instagram shots are adorable! This beach is different than other beaches on the island. It’s one of those Insta-worthy spots for sure, but the journey to get to the northern end of the island to get to the beach is really what makes it one of the best beaches in Grenada. I would suggest road-tripping with friends to many different spots along the way to the beach. That will really solidify that it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters! Definitely a gorgeous beach to check out, and a fun road trip to be had if you’ve got the time. If you don’t have time for a full day road trip - make sure to add it to your list for next time! 

One of the best beaches in Grenada has a tire swing

Magazine Beach

walking down magazine beach

Some people will argue, but I think Magazine Beach is prettier than Grand Anse. Even better, there are less people and less reputation, keeping it more of a hidden gem while still having that postcard, white sandy beach appeal. The beach isn’t as accessible as Grand Anse from the main resort area, but there are resorts dotted along the beach! It’s close to the airport too, which is nice for those that like to stay close. With large boulders, overhanging trees, a view of the Carnage, and the white sandy beach everyone desires, it’s obvious to include a beach that belongs in a Magazine as one of the best beaches in Grenada! If you’re heading to Magazine Beach, make sure to check out the Aquarium Restaurant, it’s one of the easiest ways to get down onto the beach, but is also delicious! It’s one of those places that you can dress up or dress casually for, but can enjoy gorgeous outdoor seating and an incredible view of the beach! 

Groom’s Beach

This beach goes by a few names, but Groom’s Beach is the most common one that you’ll hear if you’re hopping around the island. Tucked away down a little street, you can definitely miss it if you don’t know where you’re going. In fact, as far as I know, it’s actually situated behind private property, but the beach is often used for events. (Ask a tour guide or taxi driver about it before you venture there on your own!) That being said, it is a gorgeous, protected little beach with shady palms to rest underneath. It’s got gorgeous blue waters that lap over submerged rocks at the shoreline. If you decide to hop in the ocean, be careful of the rocks! The rocks can be slick and can hide under the sea’s waves. Groom’s  is one of the best beaches in Grenada because of its seclusion and little sliver of paradise. Not many places offer that kind of privacy nowadays, so it’s really nice to get a beach all to yourself! 

under a palm at grooms beach

The perfect beach for private events! 

Lance Aux Epines Beach

Before you get your tongue all tied - it’s pronounced “lance-uh-peen.” You can also just call it LAE Beach. This beach is located in a residential area, tucked off the side of the road. It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it or don’t know where you are. There’s plenty of shady spots to hangout in, and you’ll definitely want it here! The sand gets super hot because of the minerals that lay on the surface (I think it’s titanium? I could be wrong though).  It's on the list of the best beaches in Grenada because the water is gorgeous, stays pretty calm, and is a great place to watch the boats bobbing in Prickly Bay. It’s a great place to go for a few hours, or if you’re stopping by The Calabash Resort! Just don’t forget your flip flops! 

Bathway Beach

Located on the east side of the island, you’ll have to travel pretty far north to get to Bathway Beach. A local’s hangout, you’ll experience a different side to Grenada than down on Grand Anse. There are some permanent umbrellas perfect for a picnic, gorgeous shoreline, and views of little islands off the shore. In some light - the beach even appears to be a black sand beach (probably from that titanium, but it could be some volcanic sand as well). There’s not a whole lot in the area, so bring snacks and a cooler, but it’s definitely a beach to stop at on the way around the island! If you decide to do that road trip, make sure to stop at Bathway Beach! It’s also pretty close to the Sulphur Springs, the River Antoine Rum Distillery, and the Belmont Estate! 

Bathway Beach Umbrella

Believe it or not, these are the same beach! 

one of the best beaches in Grenada because of the minerals making the sand black

See what I mean about certain light? This was also a small stretch of beach, not the whole thing! 

La Sagesse Beach

This one comes pretty close to being one of my absolute favorite beaches, if not one of the absolute best beaches in Grenada. Tucked away from the city and resorts, this beach is definitely a hidden gem that stays pretty quiet. It can definitely get more crowded on the weekends, but I’ve never seen more than a handful of people dotting the beach. From the Grand Anse area, it’ll take about 35 to 40 minutes to get there by car. Once there, you’ll walk along a long pathway that eventually opens up to the semicircle bay. There’s plenty of coconut palms to lay under, (watch for falling coconuts!), lots of water to swim in, and a little beach bar connected to the resort that lies on it’s shoreline. The water is still pretty, but may not be that Caribbean crystal clear you’re looking for because of the shallow vegetation. If you’re heading to La Sagesse, watch for the pups that call it home, and a wandering cow or two! Plan to pack a picnic, it’s a little secluded from restaurants or food stands. There is a grocery store on the way there, but it’s definitely easier bringing things from home! Don’t forget your camera, you’re sure to get some gorgeous shots here!

La Sagesse Beach palms
Taylor climbing a palm tree at the best beach in Grenada
Relaxing in the shade of a palm at La Sagesse Beach

Hog Island

Hog Island, Grenada

Probably the least accessible of the 10 beaches listed here, but definitely one you don’t want to miss if you can make it! Try and head there on a Sunday Afternoon, where the local yachties and cruisers go to listen to live music and drink strong rum from the little beach bar. It’s cash only, so make sure you bring your cash or your own drinks. There are lots of grills and picnic tables, and everyone comes together to share what they are cooking! The downside to this beach? It’s only accessible by boat. You’ll see lots of dinghies tied up to or anchored on the shore, but fret not! If you don’t have access to a dinghy, there is a water taxi that runs from Secret Harbor Marina. There’s lots of vegetation for shade, calm shallow waters, conch shells, and is a perfect place to bring a pup if you have one! There will definitely be plenty of friends and memories to be made on Hog Island, especially on a Sunday evening watching the sun melt below the mountains!

Levera Beach

This one ranks pretty high in terms of inaccessibility, but boy is the drive worth it. Located at the far north end of the island, down a bunch of back roads, through a field, and through the beginning of a jungle opens up a stunning beach that seems totally untouched compared to the others. My friends and I saw the beach from the Welcome Stone and were determined to find out how to get there! Once we arrived, we expected there to be a ton of people because of how beautiful it was, but we were the only ones on the entire beach, aside from one lone fisherman. The way the beach curves throws up perfect waves for body surfing, but still gives you that gorgeous sandy Caribbean beach you desire. The beach is super clean, and has plenty of room to walk on the sand. It’s definitely a beach to check out for all my adventurous friends! If you’re headed to the Welcome Stone, be sure to add this to your day and check out another one of the best beaches in Grenada!

Levera Beach, Grenada

Check out that view!!! Perfect place to play with pups, or just enjoy the privacy of your own beach! 

Levera Beach

Just a portion of the pathway that you have to venture down to get to the beach!

It’s so difficult to choose a favorite beach on the beautiful island, but these are my top 10! Have you been to Grenada? Which beach is your favorite!?

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  1. These pictures look stunning! I would love to visit more of the Caribbean Islands, so Grenada goes to my list! Maybe next April, I still look for a destination for my Spring holidays!

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