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Shark Cage Diving

Bimini, Bahamas, only a mere 48 nautical miles from Miami Beach. As one of the closest Bahamian islands to Florida, it is the perfect weekend getaway. Although she is under 9 square miles, this little island packs a punch with unique island activities perfect for your weekend in the Bahamas!

Bimini is actually split into two islands, North and South, separated only by the channel that boats can come through. I’ve included activities for both islands so you get the most of your vacation!

Bimini Biological Field Station (The Shark Lab)

Bimini Biological Field Station

Located on South Bimini, the Bimini Biological Field Station is one of the industry leaders in marine science research when it comes to sharks. Housing 20 researchers or interns, and modeled after a research vessel, the lab is much smaller than you’d expect. The lab offers tours that give you the opportunity to learn about sharks, the lab, research going on, and even the opportunity to touch a shark! As a heads up, you don’t get to tour the lab facility inside, the tour is held outside on the beach across from the station. Tours run most days, time can be dependent on the tides, and are donation based (recommended $10 per person) so be sure to check the website and reserve your spot! 

Bimini Museum

A bit of a history buff? The Bimini Museum will be your friend! Located in Alice Town, North Bimini, it’s right near most of the action. Although very small, the museum is a good way to learn about the little island and it’s history from it’s early natives to it’s role in Prohibition Era USA. Only a small donation, the museum is self-guided, spend time reading the posters and admiring the photos!

Bimini Market 

Across the street from the Bimini Museum, the Bimini Market is your go-to island gift hunting spot! Many Caribbean islands have similar facilities, with individual stalls of crafted goods that are up for purchase! The Bimini Market is a small, pink, U shaped building with stalls that the locals sell their goods out of. Although we only purchased a coin purse, they have everything from knick-knacks to outfits! Most markets like this are barter-friendly, and are a good way to practice if you haven’t yet! This is the best place on the island to find your little souvenir to take home!

Snorkel the Sapona

Bimini Shipwreck

Not the Sapona but one of the shipwrecks in Bimini to explore!

Of course, you can’t visit the Bahamas without enjoying the beautiful water there! The Sapona is a shipwreck a few miles off of Bimini Island. One of the many wrecks in the Bahamas, the Sapona has a rich history as a seafaring vessel, a new wreck, and now a bones and skeleton left to a watery grave. Although we did not get the chance to snorkel her on this trip, it is definitely something that I want to do when we go back! It’s supposed to be one of the best shipwrecks to snorkel in the Bahamas, and many snorkel charters will bring you to some other popular snorkel spots too!

Resorts World

If you’re not staying on a boat, this will likely be one of the places you’ll consider staying at while in Bimini. Even if you’re not staying at the resort, the property offers many amenities to take advantage of. Restaurants, shops, a casino, marina, and pristine property are all available! There is a newly built Hilton resort on property as well, that I’ve heard is a nice place to stay! We were anchored just outside of Resort’s World and had the chance to walk around a couple times! 

Shark Diving

How about ticking off a bucket list item and being a little adventurous?! Head over to Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center and sign up for one of their shark dives! There are many dives to choose from, but the two most recommended are the Hammerhead Safari and Bull Shark Cage Dive! Not scuba certified? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be to participate in the Bull Shark cage dive! We opted for this option, right at the Bimini Big Game Marina in front of the dive shop. It’s a great deal, and you only pay if you get in the water! We ended up waiting a few hours for the sharks to come around, but when they did, the dive center had us in the water with them in minutes! If you’re dive certified, I’d definitely try some of their other dives offered, I will be doing the Hammerhead Safari next time I’m in Bimini for sure!

Shark Cage Diving

Bimini Nature Trail

Heading back to South Bimini, the nature trail is something you can do before your Shark Lab tour, and is a great way to get a good walk in! Only about a mile loop, the trail is easily accessible off the side of the road. Many blog posts that I’ve seen say that you need a guide, but we walked it without and were fine! I’d recommend having some comfy shoes (I used my Teva’s Sandals) and bug spray. There are informative signs explaining the different foliage or animals you may see, be sure to read them and mind the poisonous trees! (Don’t worry, they’re well marked!) 

Bimini Nature Trail

Conch Salad at Stuart's Conch Shack

Rated the best conch salad in the Bahamas on TripAdvisor, you’ve got to visit Stuart’s! Back on North Bimini, a little ways walk from the main area of Alice Town, Stuart’s has some of the freshest conch salad you’ll ever have. You can watch the local man at the end of the dock cleaning the conch, adding the shell to the conch island, and bringing it up to be turned into your lunch! Not only does Stuart’s offer super delicious conch salad, the beers are the cheapest we found in our two months in the Bahamas! Make sure to bring some bowls and cutlery, to avoid using styrofoam that will be tossed after a few minutes!

Piña Colada at Bimini Big Game

It’s not going to be super affordable like Stuart’s beer, but getting a Pina colada at the upstairs restaurant at Big Game resort and marina offers some gorgeous views. Watch boats come in through the channel, gently rock at the marina, and catch some wifi while you enjoy a delicious cocktail and beautiful views!

Bimini Beaches

South Bimini Beach

Of course you can’t visit the Bahamas without visiting some of their beautiful white sandy beaches! Bimini has a few beaches to offer, each worth visiting for a different experience! The two we visited most often were Radio Beach - the furthest south on the island, comprising of white sandy beaches and a rocky waterline. This beach is great for walking and watching the sunset, combing for sea glass, or even picking up plastic that ends up on the beaches! Look out for the “Welcome to Bimini” tree! Further north is the beach at Resorts World. This beach is sandy white and the location of a cruise dock. Whether the dock is used anymore or not, I’m not positive, but the beach is the white sandy bottom you’d hope for. Shallow and great for swimming, we even had a big spotted Eagle ray swim by! Don’t forget the beach on South Bimini! Located just south of Bimini Sands resort and marina, this beach is pretty much picture-perfect. Dotted with sea glass, conch shells, stunning blue water, and some rocks at the northern end of the beach - it’s hard to ask for more! I could’ve spent all day at this beach, but unfortunately we arrived in the late afternoon as the sun began to set. 

Bimini is a perfect getaway for the weekend, but it’s easy to overlook what it has to offer! I hope you found this guide useful, and look out for my downloadable perfect weekend itinerary for Bimini! 

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  1. The shark diving sounds amazing. That wreck picture is beautiful. I’d love to visit when I’m in Florida sometime as a little holiday within a holiday.
    Thanks for the great info. 🙂

  2. AHH, Shark cage diving is on my list! My husband and I were suppose to travel for a year, however we got burnt out and came home for Christmas. Very happy we did though, with everything that’s going on.

  3. Ah I want to go to the Bahamas so bad! You’re so lucky you live in Florida and are so close! I can’t believe you did a shark dive, so brave! Ever since I watched 47 Metres Down I refuse to ever do a shark dive haha! Thanks for this post, I’ll definitely keep it handy for when I make my trip to the Bahamas!

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