About Me!

IMG_5360About Me: I’m Tea N’ Sea!

My name is Taylor, and this is where I come to talk about life, experiences, document my adventures, and just talk about everything and anything!

I am a Florida girl attending veterinary school in the beautiful Caribbean.  I attended Clemson University, and have a deep passion for the Tigers. I am an ADPi alumna, dancer, equestrian, recreational tennis player, scuba diver, lover of all things Disney, country music fan, adventurer, and more! I love to be outside and see all that life has to offer, whether it be the beach, mountains, or a quaint backyard. I love traveling, and hope that I have the opportunity to see more of the world in my lifetime. Family is the most important thing in life, and I couldn’t have made it to where I am now if not for them!

I created this blog in July of 2015 as a place to share my thoughts and ideas, as well as keep a journal for myself. I hope to continue developing this blog and have found a passion for travel, and sharing my adventures through writing, images, and video! I am always looking for new opportunities, new adventures, and new places to travel! Head over to the “Ask Me” page to contact me if you have questions, suggestions, or other opportunities!

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I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my life!