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I'm so excited you've decided to stop by! Tea N' Sea Travel is for the travelers that want to experience the world to the fullest, to push their comfort zones, and make a positive impact on the world. Here you'll find travel and adventure inspiration, guides, itineraries, tips, and more! I hope to share my love of adventure with you all and encourage you to push your comfort zone every day! Happy travels! 

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I'm Taylor, the gal behind Tea N' Sea Travel

I'm a Florida born, bikini obsessed girl with a love of travel and adventure! 

My love of travel started at a young age from short family trips, but continued to grow through college as I started to take weekend trips and vacations on my own. That love only grew exponentially when I moved abroad to the Caribbean Island of Grenada.

After a year and a half of living in the Caribbean, I found myself sailing the North Atlantic, bungee jumping in South Africa, moving aboard a sailboat, and traveling every chance I get! I guess you could say adventure is in my blood, and I don't intend to stop traveling or sharing these exciting adventures with you!

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